A story about invention of riveted jeans is one of the most powerful examples of immigrant challenges that built America. From today’s perspective, it is an inspirational instrument for next generation of immigrants to build upon America’s foundation.

Based on recent (1990-ies) research and findings, Levi Strauss & Co brings to public attention the company positioning as an over 160 years old San Francisco startup, probably the oldest among the world’s prominent brands that are still operational and successful. Levi Strauss & Co has a recorded history of the startup nature of the company origins and development. Levi Strauss served as angel capitalist to Jacob Davis, inventor of riveted jeans.


The entire story was unknown since the Great San Francisco Earthquake in 1906,
when all Levi Strauss & Co facilities were destroyed along with the documents.

Thanks to professional historians and enthusiasts, today this Gold
Rush era endeavor can serve as a front-line example or American heritage
industrial developments.

“Make America Great Again” slogan sounds appealing to most of Americans,
aside of their political preferences. America is a nation of immigrants,
established by immigrants from all over the world. As it is well-known,
first generation immigrants are the most active American citizens, and
their kids are the most successful group of citizens in
entrepreneurship, science and in many other industries, playing
one of the main roles in building America. First generation immigrants
Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss are among the most fascinating and
inspiring examples.

By preserving a heritage of Silicon Valley high tech development history, we work
with engineers and scientists to personalize the last 25-50 years of Silicon Valley
high tech R&D and commercialization. Many of them are interested in preservation
of Silicon Valley high tech development in “live” examples that can be presented by
its history-in-making participants. Jacob Davis is one of them from the past.

Not only the most prominent names (like Steve Jobs or many others that are still active
and are capable of producing and recording their own memoirs) but also thousands of
less visible names, that, combined, had built our present technology world and society.
Some of them may be not active anymore (and not all of them left their recorded memoirs),
but their relatives, friends, and former co-workers can be around and keep a lot of
information and documents. 1st Startup USA in collaboration
with technology professionals and others interested,
work to develop a systematic program for obtaining first-hands
information from engineers and developers of
Silicon Valley heritage technology achievements, and to create relevant
technology exhibitions, recordings in the formats
that allow personalized detailed “historical” angle of view by such developers.

Jacob Davis, presumably the third from the left, in front of the hotel in Cariboo (British Columbia), the starting point of his staging line service.