Affordable sequencing of individual’s complete genome in the near future will provide datasets to describe our biology in great details. To research and to establish potential correlation between the individual’s biological “nature” and things like traits, personal characteristics, even work outcome – relevant, side-by-side datasets of such parameters are necessary for the same massive of people that will be by provided by complete genome sequencing datasets.

Why 1st Startup USA charity and what it is all about?

Startup USA started from a unique story with personal relation to a founder of a nonprofit. It was an effort to help organize, preserve and to promote a heritage of Silicon Valley high tech developments. Soon it became evident that systematic records of any kind of products and services, provided by the person that created a product or/and provided a service, have its own high value in several ways.

• Personalization

There are trillions, and ever growing number of records of products created and manufactured; and services provided by billions people worldwide. Usually such records belong to employers in some technical and other kind of business format. Oftentimes such records are subjects of confidentiality agreements. Creator/worker is usually unknown, unless it is a prominent product or service. If the product or service is not some kind of piece of art, design, performance, and other kind of subject of IP protection, a common characteristic of such products and services – they are depersonalized. In general, a material world built around us is depersonalized.

• Personal and social historical value

The most common work outcome in product development and manufacturing is continuous development, which results into incremental upgrades. Millions of engineers, like high tech professionals, work on incremental developments of many high tech products. Same is true for most of the industries worldwide. The records of such work belong to employers, and normally such records don’t become a public domain even if not legally protected at some point of time. For an individual, this means that there are no records of person’s work outcome over the course of life, unless this is recorded somewhere privately. We believe there is a value for an individual, either employed or not, to keep records on
what he or she had done at work (work outcome) in some organized format.
Such records can be made available for general public by the individual
created his work outcome record, depending on current status of
the legal ownership of each product and service.

• Datasets

In the new era where we are moving into, various types of personal
data will be collected over the lifetime. Today’s “life data ecosystem”
concept (1) is aimed
to build a platform to establish an economy for exchanging genetic data and
related information. Collecting various types of personal data over the lifetime
can yield unprecedented healthcare benefits for the individual and for the
economy. There is a growing number of companies working to provide
solutions in this niche.With sufficient genetic data available,
researchers can expand research and analysis to establish potential
correlation of human biological nature (DNA sequencing), with
many personal measurables, such as individual IQ. There
are academic works already that investigate, establish and
analyze measurables for genetic evidence of continuous
natural selection in humans, genome characteristics
to predict educational attainment (2), correlation
between the size of human brain and annual family
income, and many others (3).

To quantify and to analyze the level of environmental influences,
and to distinguish them from genetically predetermined factors,
a dataset of relevant personal information that can characterize
environmental influences has to be obtained from the same
group of people which DNA sequencing dataset info is
available. Today, there is no any kind of standardized,
universal dataset for analysis of every measurable that
may have some correlation. Such personal
information comes from variety of questionnaires.

If any correlation between genome characteristics and personal job outcome exist, and personal job outcome data can be obtained via questionnaire from the same group of people whose DNA sequencing is available, there will be always an issue about statistical sufficiency and scientifically accurate representation of such naturally limited data.

Prevailing traditional scientific research stays within a dominant paradigm of environmental influences to human nature. Any “extension” of it towards genetically predetermined factors is difficult or impossible without enabling a possibility to quantify analysis of environmental influences to human nature. However, with improvement and cost reduction of DNA technologies, we keep witnessing a growing number of correlations established beyond that paradigm (4). Researchers keep looking for more characteristics of human nature that can be associated with personal genomics, and new metrics will be established to quantify potential associations. For a purpose to enable research of association of new measurables, such as genomic influence to a personal work outcome, a platform for pre-recording of personal work outcome in product/service format over the lifetime, with millions of records worldwide, may serve as a reliable basis for ongoing analysis, given the DNA sequencing will become affordable and available to everyone. In the near future, such statistically sufficient datasets will become a foundation for that. Over the years, information collected in this platform will grow to a monumental historical massive, serving multiply purposes:

  • Personalization of a material world built around us
  • Lifetime records for individual memory, use, and passing to next generations
  • Datasets for correlational analysis with genome datasets