1st Startup USA extended mission is supporting human studies,
research and development of life data ecosystem. The objective is
to support groundwork that may extend the links between individual
biological nature and personal traits to other potential associations.
This may help to better quantify human BioSocieties.

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We started with the objective to preserve and to promote a heritage of
Silicon Valley high tech development. Soon it evolved into a concept of
user-generated records – personalized presentation of incremental steps
of industrial developments that will serve human needs worldwide.

Humankind is just about to learn much more about itself in terms of
BioSocieties by digitizing the entire world around us.

“White men cannot jump”, “Italians are good singers”, “African Americans
are the best in basketball” – this kind of presumptions are quite common,
but there is no scientifically accurate and statistically sufficient data to quantify
how accurate such statements can be.

We are a mix of biology, inherited in genes and the outcome of the influence of
the family, social group, education, social class standing in the community,
commonly called environmental influences. There is
some kind of correlation between the individual’s
biological “nature” and personal characteristics,
behavior (traits), preferences, values, religion,
insights on life.

One of the measurables to focus on is the individual’s lifetime work
outcome (see Whitepaper).