What is it?

To keep YOLO motto, I@Work is a platform to record your personal work outcome at any time, to preserve it for your lifetime, and generations to come.

I@Work helps you to better understand who you are as a BioObject, and as a part of the world’s human BioSocieties.

Why join

  • To create your lifetime job record
  • To support research about yourself
  • Employers attention from all industries
  • In-app DNA profile promotions and partnership perks
    from Biotech
  • To personalize material world around us
  • Meet likeminded folks behind I@Work concept that are ready to join life data
    ecosystem- based economy. Those who understand that humankind is about
    to learn much more about itself by digitizing the entire world around us,
    and to benefit from this early.

What you’ll do

All you have to do is post your job outcomes in the I@work
application (see Donate below).

If possible, share your experience with your employers and the the rest
of the world. In many cases, there is some advantage not only for you,
but for your employer as well.

Try to be serious from the very beginning. Take some time to go over our boring
“Whitepaper” to understand fully how exactly this works and benefits to you.

Donate (optional) any amount to support research and development of life data

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This is not a donation in support of somebody who will do
this research and development. You can become a subject
of the research by obtaining your DNA profile from
participating company at discounted rate (and even for
free in some cases), and by providing information about
your lifetime work outcome at I@Work platform. This will
make you a subject of the life data ecosystem. A link for
your entry will be emailed to you at the moment of donation.