What is it all about, why should I Join, and what is there for me?

Not that long ago, even in XX century, preservation of historical facts of technical and
industrial development couldn’t be granted. We take the story of riveted jeans invention,
lost in the 1906 Great San Francisco Earthquake as an illustrative
example. The story has a personal touch to the founder of our
nonprofit organization, and it triggered the entire concept.

In XXI Century, thanks to technology developments, millions of people on Earth
leave digital fingerprints of their personality dimensions – personal lives, social
activities, professional work and its outcome. For centuries to come,
historical facts of our modern life have all technical means to be preserved for
future generations as long as civilization on Earth exists.

For the past 50 years, Silicon Valley took historical role in the world’s
technology development. A home of “techie” culture, fueled in part
by newcomers and immigrants, it led to unprecedented scale of high
tech R&D. This work had reshaped our world in such relatively short
period of time. Hundreds of thousands of developers of all specializations
are among us. Silicon Valley engineers experience is extremely valuable
source of information and inspiration for today’s youth and future generations.

We started 1st Startup USA with a mission is to preserve and to promote a heritage
of Silicon Valley high tech development. Now we are taking it further
by enabling a platform for user-generated records of incremental steps of
industrial developments that will help to better quantify human BioSocieties.

1st Startup USA is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization.

Meet the Team

  • Bob Iofis, President
  • Julia Babayants, Vice President
  • Diana Alper, Director of Donations/Charitable Events
  • Lora Maly, Treasurer
  • Tony Maly, Board Member